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iinetto builds bridges between Japanese companies and the global market. We provide our clients with communication and education services that reach beyond words to deeper understanding.
What would you do if you competitors began offering the same products or services as your company, for only half the cost? What if they offered the same products or services for free? This is actually happening in the translation industry. With automated translation, machine translation, translation software, and offshore human translation, we are experiencing incredible price competition. This situation will only become worse over time.

Will these cheap, cut-rate (or free) services present your products and services to the world in the best light? Will they be able to communicate your passion and enthusiasm? Will a word-for-word translation of your Japanese-centric marketing really touch hearts and impress people in other countries?

At the age of 19, I went to the United States to attend university. After graduating with a degree in business, I have spent past 15 years building a career that demands strong global communications skills. Over time, I came to realize the talent and understanding required to produce effective, powerful translations. The difference in approach depending on the target reader and objective. What works for lovers, family members, or friends and what works for business partners, employees, or potential clients. I can’t help but feel that the more advanced translation technology becomes, the less expressive and less effective our international communications will be. True communication happens when both writer and reader connect on an emotional level. This is a challenge even for individuals who speak the same language. This connection is even more difficult when individuals speak different languages.
The sense of emotion behind the words is what creates a shared understanding between the story teller and the person listening to the story. At iinetto, we understand what it takes to craft a successful communications strategy that creates this emotional bond with your audience around the world. We look forward to helping you succeed in your global communications, whether it be a press release, investor relations, marketing, website copy, or any other important message you want communicated in effective, persuasive language.

iinetto! We tell your story to the world.

iinetto LLC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mia Omatsuzawa