Privacy Policy

【Protection of Personal Information 】

Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, iinetto will handle personal information correctly and honestly in the practice of our business and in all work done for our customer companies.
Moreover, we will develop policies for the protection of personal information bearing in mind at all times the following:

・We are fully conscious of our mission and responsibility as a participant in the IT industry and will make every effort to protect personal information.
・Personal information will be used only to the extent necessary in appropriate business activities and will be appropriately acquired, used, and provided.
・Personal information will not be used beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of its use. Measures will be put in place to ensure that personal information is not used beyond the extent necessary.
・iinetto will put into place reasonable security measures as well as corrective actions necessary to prevent leaks or loss of personal information or damage to personal information in our possession.
・iinetto will comply with laws, regulations, government policies, and other standards with respect to personal information.
・iinetto will respond promptly to complaints and inquiries regarding personal information.
・iinetto will continuously review, improve, and enhance its initiatives regarding the protection of personal information.

All of us who work at iinetto LLC have a full understanding of the principles of the protection of personal information. We will handle and protect personal information with the utmost of care.

Please inquire below for further information about our personal information policy.

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