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New iPhone App Lets Users Shoot and Share Videos on Facebook, YouTube; An Easier Way to Record, Edit, and Share Videos

Principal Co., Ltd. has released a new video creation and sharing app, available for free on the iPhone and iPad. Called CACHINCOM Video Camera, the app lets users make and customize short videos to share through email or social networking. Free moving Fun Frames, filters, and music let users enjoy holidays and party on New Year’s in style.
Tokyo, Japan, December 30, 2012 – Principal Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan; Kazuhiro Umeda, President) has released a new video app for the iPhone and iPad. The CACHINCOM Video Camera app is a different take on social networking, letting people communicate using short, custom-designed videos. Once a video is made, users can send them to friends via email, or post them to YouTube or Facebook from within the app itself.

Says Kazuhiro Umeda, Principal Co., Ltd. President, “We wanted to show people a way to talk to each other beyond text and photos by using social video. Personally, I’m excited to see the creative ways that people will use our app.”

In the CACHINCOM Video Camera app, users can select from a number of standard Fun Frames (moving frames), music clips, and special effects to make a 30-second video ready for sharing:

Fun Frames (moving frames)
Add Fun Frames to videos to make it look like subjects are playing the guitar or walking down the catwalk as a fashion model. Other standard Fun Frames include a “Thank You” and a “Happy Birthday” frame. More Fun Frames are available as in-app purchases, including a New Year’s set.

Real-Time Effects
Real-time video effects include toy camera, vintage, tilt-shift, fisheye lens, and more. Users have 16 different standard effects options at present. CACHINCOM lets the user see the different effects in real-time as they record their videos, so they know what the finished video will look like.

Add music clips to videos with one click. CACHINCOM works with active songwriters and other sources to expand the library of music users can add to their videos.

Social Sharing
CACHINCOM allows users to upload videos directly to Facebook and YouTube. Users can also send videos to friends via email.

Users don’t have to feel like they have to make every editing choice before they shoot their video. CACHINCOM gives users the ability to edit a video later, changing effects, frames, and music.

In-App Purchases
Users looking for more choice can purchase additional Fun Frames, music, and effects through the in-app store.
Download CACHINCOM Video Camera today for free through the app store: CACHINCOM Video Camera – PRINCIPAL CO., LTD.

For more about CACHINCOM Video Camera or Principal Co., Ltd., contact Mia Omatsuzawa at +81.50.3614.5915 or by email

About Principal Co., Ltd.
Principal Co., Ltd. is a startup web media and iOS app developer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company consists of talented programmers, designers, and marketers coming from some of the top names in Japanese corporate circles, gathered together to create something fresh, fun, and buzzworthy.

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